All-male infantry units outperform teams with women


(by Jim Michaels, USA Today) WASHINGTON — A Marine Corps study that found all-male ground combat units more effective than teams that included women has raised new concerns about the Pentagon’s push to open all jobs to women next year.

A summary of results released Thursday from the unprecedented study showed that all-male ground combat squads were faster, stronger and more lethal in most cases than units that included women. The women also suffered higher injury rates during physically demanding training.

The Marine Corps and other branches of the military face a deadline the Pentagon has set for requiring military branches to open all specialties to women, including infantry and special operations forces, beginning January 1.

Each branch has until the end of this month to request an exception to the order for some occupations.

The Marine Corps has not yet said whether it will request a waiver, but the study’s results are likely to fuel a growing debate over including women in ground combat jobs. …

Obama administration officials have said their intent is to open all jobs to women and have set the bar high for waivers. “The department’s policy is that all ground combat positions

Ben Carson not worried by Trump


(by Ruth Sherlock, London’s Daily Telegraph)  Washington — As the Republican presidential candidates prepare for their second televised debate of the campaign on Wednesday night, latest polling showed that one candidate at least does not fear frontrunner Donald Trump.

Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, says he is “not the slightest bit” worried about sharing the stage with Mr. Trump, and a New York Times/CBS News poll showing him at 23 percent to Mr. Trump’s 27 percent suggested his confidence is not misplaced. “The Donald” has been publicly firing salvoes of insults at Dr. Carson, accusing him of lacking energy and implying he is not “smart” enough to lead.

“That is the claim of someone who doesn’t really know me,” Dr. Carson told the Telegraph. “Someone who hasn’t seen me standing at the operating table for 10, 12, 18 hours doing complex surgeries, dealing with complex situations that come up at the last moment.”

He speaks calmly and when asked what he thinks of the business mogul as a human being, the country’s most famous physician chuckles and answers, almost with affection: “I think he is Donald Trump.”

All this is

Price Tag of Bernie Sanders’s Proposals


(by Laura Meckler, The Wall Street Journal) — [Democratic presidential candidate] Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-professed “democratic socialist” whose liberal call to action has propelled his long-shot presidential campaign, is proposing an array of new programs that would amount to the largest peacetime expansion of government in modern American history.

In all, he backs at least $18 trillion in new spending over a decade, according to a tally by The Wall Street Journal, a sum that alarms conservatives and gives even many Democrats pause. Mr. Sanders sees the money as going to essential government services at a time of increasing strain on the middle class.

His agenda includes an estimated $15 trillion for a government-run health-care program that covers every American, plus large sums to rebuild roads and bridges, expand Social Security and make tuition free at public colleges.

To pay for it, Mr. Sanders, has so far detailed tax increases that could bring in as much as $6.5 trillion over 10 years, according to his staff.

A campaign aide said additional tax proposals would be offered to offset the cost of some, and possibly all, of his

Career Options in Content Writing: New Opportunities for Writers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the common capital city of the states of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh is a fascinating amalgamation of history, culture and technology. One of the eight metropolises of India, this city is fast becoming the choice of clients across various regions for content matter of excellent quality.

The reasons for this are obvious. Hyderabad is home to an eager, flexible crowd of writers available for work at reasonable prices thanks to the moderate standards of living, and the client is never forced to choose between ‘quality versus quantity’ of the content. Opting for a career in content writing from around Hyderabad is an extremely attractive professional choice that more and more individuals are making today. The profession of a content writer has minimal investments and comparatively large financial returns, hence, the decision to create interesting and effective content makes a lot of sense.


Content Writers in Hyderabad offer their services for a number of content categories—technical, cultural, or academic as is required out of them. Owing to its erstwhile history of the Nizams, Hyderabad has a distinct food culture,

Sitting for long periods not bad for health, suggest researchers

New research from the University of Exeter and University College London has challenged claims that sitting for long periods increases the risk of an early death even if you are otherwise physically active.

The study, which is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, followed more than 5000 participants for 16 years (making it one of the longest follow-up studies in this area of research) and found that sitting, either at home or at work, is not associated with an increased risk of dying.

These findings challenge previous research suggesting that the act of sitting itself causes harm even when people routinely walk a lot or do other exercise. Importantly, the findings contradict NHS recommendations which state that remaining seated for too long is bad for your health, regardless of how much exercise you do.

Dr Melvyn Hillsdon from Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter said: “Policy makers should be cautious in recommending a reduction in the time spent sitting without also promoting increased physical activity.”

“Our study overturns current thinking on the health risks of sitting and indicates that the problem lies in the absence of movement rather than the time spent sitting itself. Any stationary posture

The Top 10 Consulting Firms In The Business

When it comes to business consulting, there are a bunch of different names in the game. But has worked hard to provide viewers with the top ten business consulting firms out there. Business consulting firms help with everything from determining strategic direction to determining when and how to sell your business. These firms help sellers to get maximum value so that they can get the most out of all the hard work that they have put in. If you are looking to get a business consultant, look no further than the top ten list. Many on this list have business consulting merchant accounts with credit card processors such as eMerchantBroker.

  1. Sunbelt Business Brokers
  2. Liquid Capital
  3. Relocation Strategies
  4. Focalpoint Coaching
  5. Murphy Business & Financial Corporation
  6. First Choice Business Brokers
  7. Expense Reduction Coaching
  8. CEO Focus
  9. The Entrepreneur’s Source
  10. The Alternative Board

These consulting businesses are based in different states around the country, and serve businesses at various points on the spectrum. No matter what industry your company is in, you can find a business consultant on this list that can help bring out more value for your business. Business is all about getting what you are worth and maximizing your revenues. Business consultants with years of experience in the field can

The Triad of Health

What is health?

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines health as a “state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”

Our bodies are wired for health and vitality, not for illness and disease. Health is how our bodies function, not how they feel. Health comes from the inside out. And, importantly, the choices we make play a part in our health and well-being.

There are three components that make up the Triad of Health. They are Structural, Chemical and Emotional. Combined, they present an overall state of a person’s health.

Structure is the foundation of the human body and the Triad. It includes the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and nerves. Shifts in structural alignment result from accidents, physical inactivity, or incorrect patterns of movement that have developed over time. Misalignments, also called subluxations, of the spine put pressure on the nerves that lead from the spinal column to the organs, glands, muscles, and other bones in our body, creating dysfunction.

The Chemical make-up and balance of the body includes diet and vitamins and mineral intake, as well as the function of organs and organ systems. The chemical aspect is disrupted by the ingestion of nicotine, alcohol,

Inexperienced investors should take advantage of ‘auto-pilot investing’

For inexperienced investors with little knowledge about the investment process, it may be important to invest in funds that do not require much maintenance. Now, a researcher at the University of Missouri has found that investors with less investment knowledge are more likely to invest in target-date funds (TDFs). Michael Guillemette, an assistant professor of personal financial planning in the MU College of Human Environmental Sciences, says this is a positive trend which will help inexperienced investors invest safely without risking significant losses based on their lack of knowledge.

‘If a potential investor without experience or knowledge is looking to invest in the stock market in order to build retirement wealth, it is not advisable for them to jump in and start investing in individual stocks, since they will be more likely to make investment mistakes,’ Guillemette said. ‘Target-date funds allow these unsophisticated investors to enter the investment world in a way that minimizes the opportunities for them to make mistakes.’

Target-date funds, which were endorsed by Congress in the Pension Protection Act , are also known as life-cycle funds. This means that TDFs change their asset mix of stocks and bonds based on the age of the investor.

State News of India is vital for country development

There is provision of information about the issues and events that one can see happening all around the world. These happenings are also known as the latest news. There is transformation of the information in the electronic as well as print media. In India each and every city state news of India being telecasted on their televisions. State news of India plays a very essential role. Here, all the parliament issues are taken care of. It also covers various famous personalities as well as famous places. One of the states that is very close to the capital is the state of Punjab. Hence, the latest state news about Punjab is broadcasted throughout the day.

Most of the news channels give importance to the news that is related to the latest happenings in the city of Delhi. One can also call it as the state news of India. A variety of significant locations and places are also covered in the news. One of the Seven Wonders of the World is in India. Therefore, the state news of India is obtaining a lot of fame.  Due to the growing development in the field of technology people are increasingly browsing for various topics of

Health Savings Accounts

Most people with health insurance, especially employer paid health insurance, really don’t know what their health care costs are. Furthermore, in many cases, they are limited in which health providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies etc) they can use.

Most people are locked into a network of doctors. They know what the co-pay is, but have no idea what the doctor actually charges.

When insured consumers are hospitalized, they rarely see the bill. They don’t know if the insurance company was overcharged or not. There are firms that audit hospital bills for insurers and self insured companies. They get paid a percentage of what they save on the bill payer by finding overcharges, duplicate charges and the like. The last I heard these firms were still making lots of money.

Overcharging, whether deliberate or not, by doctors and hospitals drive up health care costs for all. (So do malpractice suits, but that’s another story.)

In order to give consumers more direct control not only over their health costs, but in the choice of which doctor they can see or which hospital they can enter, Congress enacted the Health Savings Account Availability Act. As of the beginning of 2004, individuals who are not otherwise insured can

Bad News, Bacon Lovers Processed Meat Linked to Cancer

“Better not eat that. It’ll give you cancer. Didn’t you hear about that report?” the woman asked, as her friend reached for the bacon at the cafeteria breakfast bar.

“That report” refers to the one this week from the World Health Organization (WHO) that caused a tizzy among lovers of bacon, cold cuts, sausages and hot dogs by saying consumption of processed meats “causes colorectal cancer.”

Based on an analysis of more than 800 studies by 22 experts from 10 countries, the researchers reported there is “sufficient evidence” to classify processed meats as carcinogenic to humans.

Read the latest discoveries, exercise and memory-sharpening tips, health care reform and more! — AARP Health Newsletter »

Red meat — defined in the report as beef, pork, goat and lamb — is also suspect, they said, although the evidence of its link to colon cancer is more limited.

How much processed meat do you need to eat to raise your risk? Just under two ounces daily — about two slices of ham, one sausage, or two slices of bacon — was found to increase the risk of colon cancer by 18 percent.

That may not sound like much, “but this risk increases with the amount of meat consumed,” lead researcher Kurt Straif,

Ray’s Round Up Fixing PA Bridges and Road – Good News and Bad

It has gotten hot in Pennsylvania over the last few weeks – oh, and the weather is pretty uncomfortable too.  As the Commonwealth continues to operate without a budget, the Governor and the Republican majority in the General Assembly continue to accuse each other of failing to negotiate in good faith.  But without anything new to report on this, let’s take a look at another public policy issue that’s in the news and of critical importance to Pennsylvanians.


News reports this week said the United States is on track to have more highway traffic deaths in 2015 than in any year since 2007. It is projected that more than 40,000 Americans will be killed on the nation’s roads this year.  Making our road and bridges safer through state and federal transportation programs is a key step in protecting lives.

Did you know Pennsylvania has more than 25,000 bridges on its highways?  Pennsylvania bridges are more likely to be structurally deficient than in any other state.  We also have more than 40,000 miles of paved roads – the 5th highest total in the nation.

The safety of the drivers that use these roads and bridges was part of the reason AARP Pennsylvania is

Is freshwater supply more dependent on good governance than geography

Scientists have analysed 19 different characteristics critical to water supply management in 119 low per capita income countries and found that vulnerability is pervasive and commonly arises from relatively weak institutional controls.

The study, conducted by researchers based at Washington State University (WSU), USA, and Stanford University, USA, sought to identify freshwater supply vulnerabilities using four broad categories; endowment (availability of source water), demand, infrastructure and institutions (e.g. government regulations).

The results are published today, 23rd October 2015, in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

“We’ve spent years developing this framework that addresses water vulnerability beyond just endowment and demand” explains Julie Padowski, the lead author, now at WSU. “Our team’s expertise spanned hydrology, law, chemistry and economics, and this gave us a very interdisciplinary view of water supply issues.”

The researchers used publicly available data to create unique vulnerability ‘fingerprints’ for 119 lower per capita income countries (less than $10,725 per person GDP) based on 19 different endogenous and exogenous characteristics affecting water supply vulnerability.

Their results showed that institutional vulnerability is common — occurring in 44 of the countries — and that 23 countries showed vulnerabilities in all four categories. Surprisingly, many geographically disparate nations have similar water supply vulnerability ‘fingerprints’,

I Met a Girl Who Thinks UFO’s Are Real

I guess that I have the taste for strange girls, at least if they are good looking. For a couple of weeks now I have been dating this girl I met at a book store. She and I were sitting in there drinking coffee and she thought that I was reading a book about the latest ufo sightings, but it had just been left on the table beside where I was sitting. In fact I was looking for a book on metallurgy for work. We have this project in the works and I need to learn some things about the characteristics of metals under stress. Continue reading “I Met a Girl Who Thinks UFO’s Are Real”

In Two Corruption Cases, the Culture of Albany Will Go on Trial

In separate federal courthouses in Lower Manhattan this month, two of the most powerful men in New York are about to go on trial, an extraordinary spectacle centering on allegations of corruption, bribery and nepotism in the state’s highest chambers of political power.

But even as the men, Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, the former speaker, and State Senator Dean G. Skelos, the former majority leader, fight the charges and try to restore their reputations, something else will also be on trial: the culture of Albany, the state capital.

Court papers in the two cases suggest that testimony in Federal District Court will expose in granular detail what watchdog groups say is a seamy world where big money and politics have long intersected with government.

There are accounts of kickbacks disguised as legitimate income; no-show jobs for a lawmaker’s son; and the use of state money to influence a doctor to refer clients to a favored law firm that, in turn, paid millions of dollars to a lawmaker.
Continue reading the main story
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Sheldon Silver, center, the former Assembly speaker, is facing a trial on corruption charges that begins with jury selection on Monday.
Q. and A.: The Trial of Sheldon SilverNOV. 1, 2015


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Google Hopes New Online Tool Can Help Migrants in Europe

As Europe’s border crisis continues, Google has launched an online hub where migrants can go to find local information on lodging, medical facilities and more.

Called the Crisis Info Hub, the open-source project is aimed at giving migrants “timely, hyperlocal information” in a “lightweight, battery-saving way,” Google said Friday on its blog. Many migrants and refugees have been using cellphones to communicate with family members and navigate their way across Europe.

Currently, the hub is only live in Lesvos, Greece, but Google says that more location are “coming online shortly.” The live site currently includes information on registration centers, ferries, bus tickets, hotels and more.

Previously, Google asked users to give to charities that were helping migrants and refugees, and promised to match donations. On Friday, the company announced that it had fulfilled its pledge by giving more than $5.5 million to do things such as make emergency cash transfers easier and provide WiFi in refugee camps.

Google also appealed to people who spoke Arabic and German to join its Google Translate Community to help improve translations for migrants traveling in unfamiliar territory.

“In the coming weeks,” wrote the company, “we’ll continue to work closely with our partners on the ground to evaluate how else

Assertive Japan poised to abandon 70 years of pacifism

Tokyo (CNN)Japan’s upper house of Parliament is poised to pass the first major reinterpretation of the country’s pacifist constitution since the end of World War II, despite fierce and vocal opposition that culminated with lawmakers getting into physical altercations.

The historic vote, which could take place Friday, marks the most dramatic shift in Japanese military policy in 70 years, and has triggered the largest protests seen in Tokyo in decades.

A scuffle broke out Thursday as opposition lawmakers in a special committee of the Upper House attempted to delay a vote. But the bill ultimately passed the committee, clearing a key hurdle and setting the stage for a vote on the measure.

Why is Japan expanding its military? 02:38

The controversial legislation reinterprets Article 9 of the Japanese constitution, which outlaws war as a means of settling international disputes.

The reinterpretation allows Japan to exercise collective self-defense, enabling the Japanese military, known as the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), to fight overseas and defend allies with limited conditions.

The argument for the bills

Supporters of the legislation, including top U.S. officials, say Japan needs to expand the role

Xi goes to Washington 4 problems for the US and China

Chinese President Xi Jinping will be in Washington next week for his first official U.S. state visit. Already, there’s drama, drama, drama.

President Obama has made clear that he wants Beijing to stop building military facilities in disputed waters of the South China Sea. He also wants China to halt cyberattacks on U.S. government agencies and corporations. Progress on protecting intellectual property would be nice, too.

Xi, meanwhile, would like the U.S. to return hundreds of Chinese economic fugitives who have fled to America, taking their fortunes with them. He’d also like the U.S. to butt out of China’s affairs in Asia.

There’s plenty of evidence that tensions are rising: Obama was reportedly considering hitting Chinese companies with sanctions over their alleged involvement in hacking. Chinese state media have stepped up their criticisms of the U.S.

And Republican presidential candidates have been throwing rhetorical firebombs from the sidelines, just for good measure.

Here are four hot topics that Xi and Obama will find it hard to avoid:


Chinese hackers are thought to be behind the massive breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which exposed millions of U.S. government files.

Washington also says it has caught Chinese spies stealing blueprints and business plans. Last year, federal

World markets calm after Fed decision

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise its key interest rate drew a collective shrug on Friday from investors in Asia.

Japan’s Nikkei was 1.3% lower in morning trading, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index added 0.3%. Benchmark indexes in Sydney, Seoul and Shanghai were little changed.

The U.S. dollar, meanwhile, lost ground against currencies in Asia. Gold prices were up around 1% at $1,130 an ounce.

The Fed’s key rate has been stuck near zero since the depths of the financial crisis, and it’s been nearly a decade since the central bank raised rates.

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Rates will go up — the question is when? The U.S. economy is relatively strong compared to its peers, but a global economic slowdown, low inflation in the U.S. and volatile stock markets encouraged the Fed to once again punt on raising rates.

“The situation abroad bears close watching,” Fed chair Janet Yellen said at a press conference Thursday. “Heightened concerns about growth in China and other emerging market economies have led to notable volatility in financial markets.”

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Investors in emerging markets are paying particularly close attention to the Fed.

In 2013, when former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke signaled

SC teen banned from flying flag on truck sparks protests change

Peyton Robinson, 18, who was barred from flying an American flag on his truck at his South Carolina high school, helped get the controversial ban lifted Thursday after he rallied students and veterans for a peaceful protest.

“I’d understand if it was the Confederate flag or something that might offend somebody,” Robinson told WBTV. “I wouldn’t do that. But an American flag? That’s our country’s flag. I have every right to do it.”

The York Comprehensive High School student had been freely flying his 4-by-6 flag on his pick-up truck for about a month, he told the news station.

But administrative officials told him it was offending people. They took the liberty of removing the bolts that were securing the Stars and Stripes to his truck, taking the flag down themselves Wednesday, WBTV reported.

The fuming teen ranted about the freedom breach on Facebook, sparking outrage from his peers who promised to protest and wave their own flags.

Dozens of his peers, their parents and veterans answered the call Thursday.

It prompted school district officials to change the controversial policy.

“Over the last 24 hours, an issue has been brought to light regarding our policy of flags not being allowed on our students’ vehicles in the student

Supreme Court prods Obama administration in marijuana dispute

(by Warren Richey, Christian Science Monitor) – What happens when your neighbor insists on having round-the-clock marijuana parties? Do you start having your own marijuana parties? Do you ignore your neighbor? Or do you complain to the police?

That’s pretty much the position of two states – Oklahoma and Nebraska – who are fed up with their pot-smoking neighbor Colorado.

The two states are asking the United States Supreme Court to take up their complaint that the legalization of marijuana in neighboring Colorado is causing irreparable harm in their own states, including significant interstate trafficking of marijuana grown, sold, and distributed legally in Colorado.

Oklahoma and Nebraska want the high court to use its special jurisdiction* to referee the dispute between the three states. Ultimately, they want the justices to declare that Colorado’s 2012 ballot initiative decriminalizing marijuana is preempted by federal drug laws and is, thus, unconstitutional. [*The special jurisdiction is called original jurisdiction. In the U.S., courts having original jurisdiction are referred to as trial courts. In certain types of cases, the U.S. Supreme Court has original jurisdiction concurrently with lower courts. The original jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court is governed by Article III, Section 2 of the United States Constitution and Title 28 of the United States Code, section 1251. Most commonly,

Trump throws more barbs about Fiorina business record

CNN)Donald Trump just couldn’t resist the opportunity on Thursday to knock businesswoman Carly Fiorina during a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

“I thought I’d wait a couple of days before I expose her business failure,” Trump said. “But honestly, it’s so ridiculous.”

But Halyna Sorensen’s question during a town hall-style event that drew 3,000 people was too perfect for Trump to turn down, sending Trump spiraling into the latest iteration of his criticism of Fiorina’s controversial business record — not just at Hewlett-Packard, but at a lesser-known technology company called Lucent.

Sorensen, 66, was a Lucent employee when Fiorina took over a division of that company. And soon after Fiorina took over, Sorensen said she was forced to retire as part of changes Fiorina instituted.

Sorensen accused Fiorina of mismanaging the company, sending stock prices tumbling and, with it, taking nearly $500,000 Sorensen said she had invested as part of a retirement plan.

“She put our company Lucent Technologies in the ground,” Sorensen said at the event in Rochester.

Trump perked up: “Carly Fiorina — say it again — people might as well hear it. I mean people have to learn.”

“Go ahead, tell me,” Trump